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Gain Weight - Build Muscle - #1 in MMA - Better Than Creatine and Nitric Oxide

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Rare Plant Extract Increases Muscle Growth by 700%

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Now, in just 7 short weeks, you can safely gain 700% more rock-hard muscle mass.

Yes, you heard right... 700% more muscle in 7 weeks (up to 27 lbs of solid muscle mass in just 49 days).

Of course, you're probably thinking this is "total B.S." However, recent clinical research confirms the following muscle-building benefits:

checkmark Safely synthesizes up to 27 lbs of lean muscle in 7 weeks

checkmark Increases biceps girth up to 5 inches in 7 weeks

checkmark Augments muscle strength by 223% in 7 weeks

checkmark 100% safe, natural, and legal (not banned by any athletic organization)

700% more muscle growth

Test Subject Gains 27 Pounds in Just 49 Days...

Here's the deal... scientists from Norway's Medstat Research Center have recently discovered a rare extract from an African plant called Carthamus tinctorius. The scientific name for this nutrient is Cis-9-Trans-11, and recent clinical tests are now showing this nutrient possesses the remarkable muscle-building benefits highlighted above.

In fact, in a new field study carried out by scientists at Applied Nutritional Research, the subject below gained a stunning 27 pounds of lean muscle mass and slashed his bodyfat from 23% to 5.7% within just 49 days...

Muscle Growth Field Study Results

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Why It's the #1 New Muscle-Builder in MMA...How It Builds Muscle

Hour after hour, this herb will literally synthesize lean muscle tissue from your fat stores.

e new study published in the academic journal Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise shows it augments the muscle-growth process right down to the molecular level by increasing muscle-protein synthesis (muscle growth) while inhibiting muscle catabolism (muscle breakdown).

Research also shows this nutrient increases the production of muscle-building prostaglandins, which are derived from fatty acid molecules and have been linked to
elevated muscle synthesis.

Prostaglandins have also been proven to increase blood circulation to your muscles and adipose tissue - an effect that has been shown to both improve muscle growth by 700% and fat burning.

This nutrient has been shown to be highly beneficial to athletes as a way to promote enhanced muscle growth, muscle strength, and fat loss. In fact, we can disclose we are now working with at least 12 elite-level MMA fighters and 3 current world champions.

Not only does research show Cis-9-Trans-11 enhances muscle growth by 700% within 7 weeks (see chart below), another new study from Kent State University found that weight trainers experienced an average 1-inch increase in arm girth (biceps muscularity) within just 30 days.

Muscle Gain Results

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Ask Yourself These Questions...Cis-9-Trans-11

checkmark Are you really satisfied with being a total "average Joe"?

checkmark Are you embarrassed of taking off your shirt in public?

checkmark Are you intimidated by men who are in better shape than you?

checkmark Would an attractive woman be turned on by your body, or just laugh?

checkmark Are you the type of "man" who just "dreams" about achieving something great?

checkmark Or, are you the kind of man who goes out and makes it happen?

Look... it's time to stop "dreaming" about having a strong, muscular body... it's time to make it happen. And make no mistake, Cis-9-Trans-11 will transform your body beyond your wildest expectations. Better than creatine. Better than muscle-gain powders. Better than anything short of "the juice."

Imagine how good you will feel about yourself when you finally have the lean, muscular body you've always dreamed of. And just think.. now you can make it happen within just 30 days!

As soon as you begin using Cis-9-Trans-11, your embarrassing fat deposits will begin to dissolve and in their place rock-solid muscle will take shape. Almost before you know it, you're covered with a new suit of head-turning, rock-solid muscle!

You will no longer feel embarrassed to take your shirt off in public. Imagine the sense of pride you will have as everyone at the local swimming pool turns to look as you take off your shirt, revealing your new, ripped, muscular physique.

Of course, if you're happy with your weak, baby-soft body, go ahead an click off this page now and continue doing whatever it is "regular" people like you do on the Internet.

You be the judge

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